Allied With a Highland Devil by Olivia Kerr

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File Name:Allied With a Highland Devil by Olivia Kerr
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Updated and Published:September 11, 2022


Saving his sworn enemy might be his salvation.

Few men have been called to rule at the age of seventeen, but that was when Gowan Hepburn became the leader of his clan. However, the Highlander lost everything as swiftly as he had acquired it. Like demons in the night, the men of the Darroch clan invaded his home and set everything he loved on fire. Fleeing through the flames, only one thing kept Gowan alive. Revenge.
Minna Darroch always detested what her family did to the Hepburn clan ten years ago. And with her brother succeeding her late father, the Darrochs have only gotten crueler… However, determined to fight injustice, Minna has committed her life to help the tenants, defying her brother’s orders.
As news of Minna’s endeavors reaches her brother’s ears, the lass finds herself fighting not only for the people but also for her life! While trying to find shelter from her furious brother, Minna meets a man who had been lost for a decade; exiled Gowan, the rightful Laird of the tormented Hepburn clan.
This lass can bring Gowan the revenge he has been seeking for so long. But she could also bring him peace. Will Gowan be able to forgive and entrust his hopes to the daughter of the man who took everything from him? Or will he let himself get lost in the dark pit of vengeance?

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