Birds of Hell MC: Books #1-3 by Glenna Maynard EPub

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File Name:Birds of Hell MC: Books #1-3 by Glenna Maynard EPub
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:contemporary romance
File Size :4.7 Mb
Updated and Published:09 January 2023


This set includes:
Death’s Desire
Freya is my unspeakable truth.
My one desire.
Yet I ache for her while praying she moves on.
Finds a better man.
One who deserves her beauty.
Her devotion.
Most of all her love.
Because if she stays, I’ll only ruin her.
Forsaking her for any other.
I’ll drag her down to Hell and together we’ll burn in the ashes of all she holds dear.

Freya’s Devotion
I was set up.
Served time for a crime I didn’t commit.
The woman I love believed the worst in me, but I won’t let her go.
Not without a fight.
Freya’s always been my girl.
I’ll move Heaven and Hell to prove to her that we belong together.
No one will stand in my way.

My boyfriend’s back after serving three years in prison.
His betrayal nearly broke me, but I moved on.
Found a better man.
One I want a future with.
Except he has a past that refuses to let him go.
I’m at a crossroad. Torn between what I want and what’s right.
It’s not only my heart that is on the line.
Nothing is fair in love and war.

Fisher’s Return
I screwed up.
All Fisher wanted was my love.
My devotion.
I took all that love he gave so freely and stomped on his heart.
Death is a broken man who thinks I can save him. That I’m his second chance at a new beginning. His opportunity to get it right this time around.
What I thought I wanted, and what I need are two different things.
They say you can’t help who you love but what about who you hurt?
Two roads lay before me. Each leading to a man willing to step up and be the father of my child.
All I have to do is choose who I want to build a future with. It should be an easy choice.
The love of my life or the father of my child?

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