Brooks University: The Complete Collection by Hannah Gray Epub

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File Name:Brooks University: The Complete Collection by Hannah Gray Epub
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Genre / Category:contemporary romance
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Updated and Published:09 January 2023


For these three best friends, they might have wanted to play for a D1 college, like Brooks University, but they all came to the campus for one reason … a girl.

With no real family, Cole Storms has lived through his fair share of hardships. When Ally James landed in the same foster home as him, they quickly became each other’s family. But when she disappeared years later without so much as a good-bye, Cole was at a loss. Now, she’s at Brooks University. And he’s not about to let her slip through his fingers again.
Knox Carter wants two things: freedom from his family’s firm and to make it to the NFL. So, when his father offers him freedom in return for one small, quick job, he takes the offer, landing himself at Brooks University with Sloane Silvine. It’s supposed to be easy. Only a few hours with her makes him aware it’s going to be anything but. Realization hits that she’ll never forgive him once she learns the truth—that he used her for his own personal gain—and he fears he’ll lose her forever. It’s going to take a lot more than an apology to make it up to her, but he knows she’s worth it.
Mysterious and sexy Weston Wade has a secret of his own. He came to Brooks University simply to keep an eye on Henley Hayes for her parents. And perhaps because been in love with her his entire life. But just when they finally seem to be finding their way to happiness, the past comes out, and Henley drops a bomb that Weston might never recover from. They say love conquers all, and for these two, that saying is truly tested.

These characters will break your heart, but heal it after.

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