Demon Prince Hades by Liza Penn Epub

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File Name:Demon Prince Hades by Liza Penn
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
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Updated and Published:October 07, 2022


Grown up Percy Jackson meets extra spicy Lore Olympus in the second installment of the sizzling Gods & Monsters series where your favorite mythological hotties come out of the shadows – and into the bedroom…
When my advisor arranges for me to join an expedition to Mount Olympus, I know it’s exactly the thing I need to take my thesis in Greek Mythology from good to great. My overbearing mother, however, refuses to let me leave the city, much less the country.
What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.
Once I land in Greece, it’s like coming home. I get utterly swept away in the history, the mountain, and all the stories I’ve devoted my life to studying.
But then I get literally swept away by what should be a mythical river, and wake up to find myself in the Underworld, wholly at the mercy of the reigning Hades, a descendant of the god of the dead himself.
Hades is every bit as brooding, mysterious, and dark as his ancestry promises–and absolutely furious that a mortal has found her way into his domain. But there is more at work in the Underworld than merely caretaking the dead, and my presence here not only awakens secrets about my past . . . I seem to awaken Hades, too.
The Greek gods are very much real, and as Hades and I struggle to combat the rift that my arrival has created between mortals and their one-time oppressors, I come to realize that I’m in even greater danger of that rift separating me from him.
I have fallen in love with the reigning King of the Underworld.
What kind of person would choose to stay in hell?

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