Fornever Yours by Natasha Anders

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File Name:Fornever Yours by Natasha Anders
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Updated and Published:September 27, 2022


no secret of the fact that he finds Beth to be a smug, condescending, know-it-all. If she could, Beth would avoid him at all cost, but he’s her best friend’s husband’s best friend, and thus inescapable.
Their friends have developed a handy system: Beth Days and Gideon Days, but there’s no avoiding the big celebrations, where Beth and Gideon have to grin and tolerate each other. And when Beth finds herself falling into bed with Gideon after one of these celebrations, she knows that she’s making a colossal–no–gargantuan mistake. And Gideon makes it clear that he feels exactly the same way. It’s a mistake. Never to be repeated, or spoken of, ever again.
But these two arch enemies are now aware of each other in ways that they had never been before. And the urge to touch and kiss is becoming even stronger than the need to argue and snipe. Just because she dislikes him, doesn’t mean Beth can’t enjoy his masculine beauty, right? Just because he thinks she’s obnoxious, doesn’t mean that Gideon can’t–constantly–fantasize about the addictive taste of her lush lips, does it?
Beth and Gideon’s enmity is insurmountable, but their chemistry is undeniable and soon they’ll be forced to choose between hating each other and desperately wanting each other.

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