Her High Roller by Flora Ferrari Epub

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Updated and Published:September 18, 2022


Krissy Working at the casino has always been a constant reminder for me that there are two worlds. There’s one world for the rich and beautiful people and another for people like me. An extra shift working the exclusive and, until today, elusive High Roller’s lounge should make me smile. But it only reminds me of the gap between those two worlds and how tired I am until I see him. A very successful-looking and clearly older man who has it all at his fingertips. But no matter how much money he keeps winning, rather than looking pleased, he looks so…sad. Sad inside, just like I feel. Ethan Silverthorne turns it all upside down in a world where I wonder where my next meal is coming from. But could an older guy like him really be interested in a younger, heavy-set girl like me? I don’t have time to dwell on that too long because Ethan appears to be all about showing, not just telling. And from what I’ve seen so far, I’m in for the ride of my life. A ride I already know I want to last forever.

Ethan When my accountant’s investment pitch to sink money into another client’s casino fails to impress me, I can’t help but smell a rat. But, with a penthouse suite for the weekend and a ton of complimentary chips, I figure I may as well stick around to enjoy myself and find out what my main money guy is really up to. The High Rollers lounge, though…the ‘Pearl Room.’ How pretentious. I soon realize just how quickly a ton of money can disappear in a place like this, but I’ll be damned if I can’t do anything except win tonight. It all makes perfect sense when I see her. And long before she says a word or helps me feel like the luckiest man alive, I just know that she’s mine. This king, lost in the wilderness of loneliness for over twenty years, has finally found his queen. His lucky charm. His everything. But before I can claim her as my own, before I even see the terrible life she’s been living, I know I have to save her. Lift her out of her world and into mine. It’s a life of luxury, plenty of time to spare, and more than anything; it’s a life that means we never have to look back. There’s only a future in my world; the past is never gonna take you forward. And in Krissy, I see our future. Our family. I only take what’s rightfully mine from the world. And one look at Krissy, I knew that this man who knows what he wants always gets it. No matter the risk. My forever Queen will be mine, whatever it takes. Whatever it costs. Mine. Forever.

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