Hidden Treasures In Upper Bamton by Beth Rain

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File Name:Hidden Treasures In Upper Bamton by Beth Rain
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Updated and Published:September 30, 2022


Keeping a big secret in a tiny community is never easy… But that’s just what Polly Binmore has been doing ever since she moved to Upper Bamton Polly lives life on her own terms. Peace, quiet and plenty of mud are all she needs to be happy. That and selling her riverbank finds in her little shop – Hidden Treasures. Unfortunately, her chaotic, noisy and loving family seem to think that she’s been left undisturbed for long enough – and they’re determined to give her a good shake-up! Her mum’s got a new lodger… She’s volunteered Polly as his unofficial tour guide… And all her twin sisters will tell her is that he’s a professor of classics… or an archaeologist… or something like that! Whoever he is, Doctor James Parnell-Hooper has got another thing coming if he thinks Polly’s going to waste precious hours waiting around for him. The tide is low and there are treasures to find! Hoping to rattle his cage, Polly turns up bright and early at her mum’s house only to discover that her unwelcome charge has already gone off on his own. She stomps off to find him… the last thing they need is for him to lose his way in the winding bends of the river Bamton. When Polly stumbles across a treasure in the shape of a dishevelled but dashing stranger stuck in the mud, her day takes a much brighter turn. This definitely isn’t the crusty old academic she’s been searching for! Will Polly finally learn that there’s room in her life for a like-minded soul? Could this stranger help her discover feelings she’s kept buried? Or is he just here to uncover the long-held secrets of the past?

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