Infamy by Trevion Burns Epub

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File Name:Infamy by Trevion Burns Epub
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Updated and Published:September 14, 2022


As bass player for the biggest rock band in the world, Zach “Noodle” Kernoodle has it all. Stadiums full of screaming fans who worship his every move, unlimited access to enough drugs to finance a Colombian cartel, and a never-ending stream of groupies whose names he never has to learn. He’s only twenty-five, after all. Why the hell would he settle down? As far as he’s concerned, it’s sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll until he meets his maker. Nothing to tear him away from his breakneck life but the sweet release of death. That is until a head full of dirty-blonde dreadlocks comes bopping into his life, looks up at him with a snaggletooth grin, and beams, “I think you’re my dad!” With five simple words, Zach Kernoodle’s perfect world is turned upside down forever. He was her first kiss, her first love, her first… everything. But Zara Wilkinson kept her little boy away from Zach Kernoodle for a reason. Even if Zach still looks at her the same way… like he wants to rip her clothes off right where she stands. Even if every inch of her aching body remembers the warmth of the nimble fingers that had made him a household name. Her heart remembers what’s most important of all. Her heart remembers why she took Dominic away. And she’ll never let herself forget it.

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