Liquid Courage by Lainey Davis Epub

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File Name:Liquid Courage by Lainey Davis Epub
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Updated and Published:September 28, 2022


What happens when happily ever after…isn’t?

Chloe Preston has it all. She’s got an amazing group of friends, a rabid fan base for her romance novels, and she’s married to her college sweetheart. Except, these days, his heart doesn’t seem so sweet. He also doesn’t seem to understand her career…or maybe her at all. Teddy Preston didn’t start out as a stuffy suit. It just sort of happened, somewhere between his MBA and his big promotion and their failed attempts at starting a family. But he’s always had Chloe by his side, making everything fun. From the time they met on the soccer field, Teddy and Chloe have been inseparable. Only Teddy hasn’t kicked a goal in a long time and Chloe seems sort of unhappy. Maybe all relationships are like house plants, and the leaves all eventually wither up. That’s normal, right? Teddy struggles to revive the roots of their marriage while Chloe considers pruning the entire thing. If only they could find a middle ground. In an attempt to understand his wife, Teddy stumbles upon one of her books. Will those steamy pages provide the inspiration Teddy needs or will this glimpse into his wife’s true calling be a red card for their match?

As Chloe and Teddy look for lasting love, they navigate meddling friends, deep misunderstandings, and failed attempts at horticulture.

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