Luke & Rena by R.E. Butler Epub

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File Name:Luke & Rena by R.E. Butler Epub
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
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Updated and Published:October 08, 2022


Luke Ta’Rek is a wulfen, a cross between a fairy and a wolf. He’s been a part of the Tressel Pack since he shifted as a teenager but has a foot in two vastly different worlds. When he feels drawn to a woman he believes is human, he discovers she’s got a secret big enough to shatter his world. As quickly as his beautiful truemate appears, she’s ripped from him and taken into the Fae Realm. Rena Fil’aire has been living a lie for longer than she’d like to admit. A chance meeting with the sexiest guy on the planet and her carefully constructed walls of protection start to crumble, including the protection spell that kept her true identity as a fairy hidden. After she’s taken by her family into the Fae Realm, the male they’d arranged as her mate turns up dead, replaced by a dangerous male named Berolith. He wants to use Rena to find a mythical dragonfae and wield her power like a sledgehammer to take out his enemies. Luke searches the Fae Realm for Rena, but his mate isn’t a damsel in distress. Her only problem? Stopping a crazy fae male from killing her family, keeping the dragonfae girl safe … and oh yeah, telling Luke the truth. Will her truemate accept her for who she really is, or will the lies that separate them become permanent?

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