Mate Negotiated by Pearl Tate Epub

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File Name:Mate Negotiated by Pearl Tate
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
File Size :1MB
Updated and Published:October 05, 2022


Darla’s trapped in her basement. Zombies have taken over her neighborhood, confining her and her co-worker Jane in her deceased parents’ home. It could be worse, since they narrowly escaped their work a few blocks away and the predatory survivors still hunkered down there. Two years into a college business degree doesn’t prepare you for the end of the world. All she can do is hope the government will eventually show up and rescue them. When Jane’s daughters arrive with alien warriors and tell them they’re saved, she has to figure out how she fits in on their spacecraft. There’s no place safe on Earth with the zombie-like sick people obsessively attacking and killing. They’re still spreading the disease. But a note from her sister who’s been out of the country has her determined to go back to meet her on earth. The problem is negotiating with an Ajnara Warrior to take her. Will he want the same thing the men at her work did? Clonak is content to follow orders. He’s developed hobbies to pass the time, including researching new worlds and learning to cook their meals. Nothing—not even a family rival from Ajnara—has coerced him into breaking directives. But he’s tasked with discovering the species responsible for a malicious attack on one of Earth’s research centers that was working on a cure to the Wen infection. With his analysis, they credit his team with exposing the culprits, but the Fakel deny it. They need more proof. He’s drawn to the surface of Earth to blow off some steam and meets the most exotic female he’s ever seen. She tempts him in every way, and he wonders if she could be his fated mate. But he wants a formal Upadana Ceremony, and he’d never cross the God and Goddess and break from the traditional Ajnara mating. When Darla asks for his help, he’s intrigued. He has a hard time telling her no. Could this be his opportunity to test their Link? Can he negotiate with her to get what they both want?

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