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Updated and Published:October 14, 2022

Never Falling by J. S. Cooper Epub – FREE EBOOKS DOWNLOAD

Did I perform a lap dance for my best friend’s brother after a late night of partying? Well, if sitting on his lap, singing out-of-tune pop songs, and then falling asleep on him counts, then yes. Did I wake up in his bed with only his t-shirt on and spy on him getting dressed? Who’s asking? Did I pretend to be interested in finance and becoming his new assistant just to make a move? Of course not…I absolutely love all things about 3D’s, I mean VD’s…or is it CD’s? Foster Sloane is my best friend’s brother. He’s everything you want in a daydream fantasy. Golden brown eyes that seem to glow when they watch you. A teasing tantalizing smile that makes my heart beat faster than the timer on a stopwatch. And dark brown hair that just begs for my fingers to comb through it. If it wasn’t obvious, I’ve had a crush on him since I was twelve. And now I’m twenty-two and I’m ready to make a move. Only Foster Sloane is not looking for love. He’s the sort of man that puts career above everything else. He wants to be a millionaire before he’s thirty. He wants to learn to fly. And he only dates models and actresses. He’s not interested in not so little me, with my size twelve jeans and larger than life personality. I’ve always known that he only sees me as his sister’s best friend, hot mess Alice, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s starting to see me as more. You see there was this one text message, that lead to a phone call, which lead to me getting drunk and proceeding to give him the not-so-sexy lap dance. I’m not sure exactly where I’m headed, but as long as it brings me closer to him, I’m going for it.

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