Nightmare by Bethany Winters Epub

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Updated and Published:October 13, 2022


VIOLET He’s spent the last seven months in prison for assaulting the guy who hit on me. I’ve spent the last seven months wishing I could forget about him. I ignored my parents and friends when they told me he was bad for me. I loved him in spite of his crazy. Maybe even because of it. But when the cops dragged him away that night, I decided I needed to do whatever it takes to get over him. I ignored his calls, refused to visit him and pretended he didn’t exist. I froze him out, hoping that would be enough to get him to leave me alone. It wasn’t enough.

ATTICUS She’s all I’ve thought about for months. The entire time I was locked up, I was out of my mind thinking about her alone out here without my protection. Not being able to see or speak to her almost killed me, but I survived. Barely. She thinks ignoring me will get me to disappear, but she should know me better than that. It’s Joker Night—my first night of freedom—and I plan on making her pay for what she did. Right before I do whatever it takes to remind her how much she loves me. Living a life with me won’t be easy. I know this. But living one without me just isn’t in the cards for her. I’m taking my girl back and keeping her this time.

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