Noble Hearts Box Set by Anna St. Claire

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Updated and Published:August 18, 2022


The Noble Hearts Box Set contains the first three books in the Noble Hearts series.

The Earl She Left Behind
Maggie Winters had everything she always wished for — betrothed to the man of her dreams, a loving home, and a new puppy. But it all changes when her parents die and her new guardian sweeps Maggie from town and forces her to marry a stranger to pay his debts. When she suddenly finds herself a widow and free of an unhappy marriage, can she finally find the love she’s dreamed of? Lord Maxwell Wilde still loves Maggie Winters, despite his years abroad in service to the Crown. They had planned to marry until she disappeared from his life, leaving only a scribbled note in her wake. Returning home late from an assignment in the middle of a sudden storm, he finds a badly injured woman lying in the road. He saves her only to realize he has rescued the woman he had never forgotten. Hearts are in play as danger beckons them into a treacherous game. Do they dare grab a second chance at love?

Romancing A Wallflower
A tragic riding accident leaves Lilian DeLacey unable to walk and restricts her life to books and quiet activities. When her twin sister convinces her to attend just one ball, she accepts. Wheelchair-bound, she watches the dancers with longing, until a startling familiar masculine scent unlocks memories of the mysterious man who had saved her—none other than the charming and affable John Andrews. Meeting John creates a desire to walk again and not miss out on life, but can he love a woman who may never walk again? John Andrews, the Earl of Harlow returned from the Napoleonic wars with scars both inside and out. Nightly dreams force him to relive horrors he would soon forget and make him fear ever falling in love, lest he harms a bride who shares his bed. John attends a ball while on assignment for the Crown and recognizes the beautiful woman he rescued a year ago from a bad riding accident, and his response to her stuns him. Smitten by her beauty and wit, he pursues her, accepting her disability. Their chance encounter blossoms into romance, igniting a yearning for a future, yet bound by his fear of marriage. When an undercover commission for the Crown takes him into the heart of a dangerous smuggling operation on the Cornwall coast, an unseen danger threatens his life and Lilian’s. Will trust and love be enough to save them and heal the scars that threaten their future?

The Duke’s Golden Rings
Lady Evie Roberts’ heart has desired one man as long as she could remember—Adam Hunter. They grew up alongside each other, frequently spending time with each other’s families, a wonderful fortune enabled by their parents’ close friendship. Having never openly acknowledged her interest in him, Evie says nothing when her best friend declares her interest in Adam and becomes engaged. However, when her friend tragically dies, Evie finds herself embroiled in a mystery surrounding her friend’s death and torn over her own heart’s undeniable affection for Adam. Lord Adam Hunter survives Waterloo only to return home to find himself jilted by the woman he had professed to love. Her death points to the man she married and he challenges him to a duel. The man dies in the duel, but not before scarring Adam’s face for life and leaving him questioning any woman’s interest in him. When Adam’s father dies unexpectedly, Evie Roberts, a family friend, shows up at the funeral and he notices her for the first time. Can Evie and Adam find love or will ghosts from the past stop them?

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