Protector Alpha by Lorelei M. Hart Epub

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File Name:Protector Alpha by Lorelei M. Hart
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Updated and Published:September 26, 2022


Just because Roderick is the omega son of a billionaire, doesn’t mean he’s weak. And it certainly doesn’t mean he needs an alpha to protect him. But his dad takes all those fake threats he receives to heart and insists that Roderick have a full time bodyguard with him any time he goes out. It’s a ridiculous rule, but Roderick knows better than to try to defy his father.
Teagan has been sent on some crazy jobs while working at Alpha For Hire. Providing security to a twelve year old Maltese for every vet and groomer visit was high on his list. At least until he gets called to essentially babysit some rich kid omega, and he almost turns down the job. But after his outrageous salary requirement is approved, he can’t afford to walk away.
Roderick just wants to be normal, and the giant alpha at his side doesn’t make that easy…until he has a brilliant idea. If Teagan pretends to be Roderick’s boyfriend when they’re in public, Roderick will behave. The only problem is, after spending private time together, behaving is the last thing either of them want to do.

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