Reaver’s Prize by Elin Wyn Epub

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File Name:Reaver’s Prize by Elin Wyn Epub
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
File Size :352KB
Updated and Published:October 20, 2022


Hello? Is anyone here?” I’d meant to shout, but something about the oppressive silence of the room muffled my voice, made my words no more than a faint squeak. An answer came, but not from anyone nearby. A trill came from the broad metal band around my left wrist. A flash of blue light. A blast of static, then a voice. A human voice. Kyla, one of the other girls who had been with me on the Smarniks Dream. My heart soared. I wasn’t alone. Everything was going to be fine. Get to the mountains. Assume everything here will try to kill you. What? Then a hulking shadow broke away from the surrounding darkness. Man shaped, but far too tall, shoulders too broad, he was at my side before I had fully registered his presence. One massive hand clamped over my wrist, covering the comm bangle, nearly muting Kyla’s message. “Please,” I begged. “That’s my friend, I need to know what she’s saying.” But that was as far as I got. With a quick twist he pulled me tight against his body, my back to his chest, pressing his other hand over my mouth. You must be silent. I froze, rigid against him. That didn’t sound good. Not at all.

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