Ruthless Blood by R.L. Caulder Epub

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File Name:Ruthless Blood by R.L. Caulder Epub
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
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Updated and Published:September 19, 2022


A thrall is supposed to be a grateful, willing servant, and constant source for their Vampyre Lord.

I am not willing and I despise being in his presence. The days have blurred together ever since he forced his blood down my throat. This is supposed to be illegal in society, but the laws don’t apply to the Vampyre King. It doesn’t matter how much I fight him off and refuse to bend to his will despite his blood running through my veins–it only makes him want me more. Apparently I’m an anomaly. No one has ever refused the call of a Vampyre’s blood. I try to keep my hope alive that someone will step in and right the wrongs of my injustice…But no one does. There’s nothing I can do to escape this misery. I’m paraded around in front of the King’s Lords at a banquet, freely offered as a source to whoever wants a taste. Until Vampyre Lords from distant lands threaten a war for my release from captivity. While I should fear them, I find myself drawn to them instead. They light the spark of hope within my soul that I thought was long extinguished. Perhaps this isn’t always how my life will be.

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