Silent Chaos by Nikki Ash Epub

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File Name:Silent Chaos by Nikki Ash Epub
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
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Updated and Published:September 29, 2022


Braxton Our senior year, I promised my girl forever. Forever, as it turned out, wasn’t enough. She told me so in her actions. When she took a match to my life, burning it to ash. I headed to LA with my band—Raging Chaos—like we always planned, while Kaylee went to college, taking my damaged heart with her. This was where our story was supposed to end. Only six years later, our lives collide again. Kaylee is the only thing I ever loved more than music, and I wish I could hate her for it, but the line between love and hate is thin, and often straddled. And the thing about collisions? They result in deadly debris.

Kaylee When you love someone, you let them go. But what I did was so much worse. Because instead of pushing him away, I shoved Braxton straight over the edge. I’ve spent the past several years avoiding him, trying to make things right. When my reputation has been dragged through the mud, and I’m given the opportunity to clean it up, I have no choice but to cross paths with him again. Being around Braxton is a harsh reminder of the way I lit his life up in flames, but I’m not sure he knows I’ve been burned, too. If suffering in silence is the cost, I’ll pay the price to make things right. I just hope our history won’t play on repeat and he’ll see me as more than the stupid girl with the lit match.

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