Stock Market Investing: Fundamental Analysis & Trading Psychology: Beginners Guide

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Updated and Published:September 09, 2022

Stock Market Investing: Fundamental Analysis & Trading Psychology: Beginners Guide – FREE EBOOKS DOWNLOAD

English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BBNMS6PX | 130 pages | EPUB | 1.12 Mb

If you want to discover how to invest in stock market using fundamental analysis and by applying the correct trading psychology, this book is for you!

This book will teach you how to value any stocks so you can identify growth stocks or blue chips stocks while you will also learn how to become a disciplined trader.


First you will discover how to investigate company management and their hierarchy as well as their investor relations. Next you will learn how to measure the value of a company and how Wall Street analyst’s predictions are taking place. Next you will learn about price to book ratio, intrinsic value and company’s earnings value as well as the PEG and PSR ratio and how to calculate them efficiently. Next you will discover how to read company balance sheets, their liabilities, their income statements as well as their cash flow statement, quarterly earnings report and revenue. Moving on, you will discover what are GAAP versus non-GAAP earnings, where to find and how to read annual reports, price to earnings ratio’s and dividends coverage ratios. After that you will also discover how to conclude any company’s share price and market valuation, their supply and demand and how to read key financial documents and key financial ratios. Next you will discover how to become a disciplined trader by understanding what are poor emotional decisions, what is the herd mentality and how to recognise speculative bubbles. You will also discover what is and how to avoid familiarity bias, loss aversion, the Endowment effect and the availability bias. Lastly, you will discover how to master your overconfidence, party effects and how you can time the market. If you are ready to change your life, multiply your wealth and want to become a successful stock market investor and a disciplined trader, let’s first discuss how to analyze any publically traded Company’s management and their hierarchy!

In this book you will discover
Company Management & Hierarchy
Investor Relations
Value of a Company & Wall Street Analysts
Price to Book Ratio, Intrinsic Value & Earnings Value
PEG & PSR Ratio Calculation
Company Balance Sheets & Liabilities
Income Statements
Cash Flow Statement
Quarterly Earnings Report & Revenue
GAAP versus non-GAAP earnings
Annual Reports
Brand Value
Poor Emotional Decisions
Herd Mentality & Speculative Bubbles
Familiarity Bias
Emotional Decision aka Loss Aversion
The endowment effect
The availability Bias & Gambling
Overconfidence& Party Effects
Timing the Market
Share Price & Market Valuation
Supply & Demand
Price to Earnings Ratio
Dividends Coverage Ratio
Key Financial Documents
Key Financial Ratios


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