Submission by Kallista Dane Epub

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File Name:Submission by Kallista Dane
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
File Size :336KB
Updated and Published:October 21, 2022


An earlier version of this book was published as His to Claim.
My mission failed.
I ended up on the wrong world.
So how can being in the arms of this alien warrior feel so right?

Scientist Lexi Sims worked hard to make the team for a mission to Neodyma. When a glitch in the star portal dumps her in Iridia instead, she’s horrified. War destroyed the planet’s surface centuries ago, leaving it barren and lifeless.
To her surprise, she’s rescued by Ayron, a primitive warrior. His ancestors took refuge in a maze of underground caves. They banded together in a Tryb, with rules to ensure their survival. Rules Lexi must obey – or she’ll be punished.
Still grieving the loss of his family, Ayron wants nothing to do with the willful human. But the other males in his Tryb are battling over her. To settle the conflict, the Tryb’s matriarch sends her into the wilderness to be claimed by the hunter fast enough and cunning enough to track her down.
When Ayron steps in to save Lexi from the cruel Tryb member who found her, he’s required to take her as his mate. Though he can be arrogant and stern, Lexi is drawn to the wounded warrior. Under his gruff façade and firm discipline is a passionate lover who introduces her to pleasures she’s never known before. But the wild and thrilling nights are followed by days with a cold distant stranger crippled by his loss.
He gives her pleasure she’s never felt before. But will he ever give her his heart?

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