Taming the CEO Beast by Iona Rose

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File Name:Taming the CEO Beast by Iona Rose
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Updated and Published:October 19, 2022


”You’ll be working for one of the city’s richest CEOs, a man with a terribly demanding reputation, but he is also one of our best clients so we try to send only our best to accommodate his personnel requests.”
So the job, the agency boss warned, was not for the thin skinned, which was why the remuneration was so high!
Well she wasn’t kidding. His nickname whispered within the office walls and amongst his clients was the BEAST!
And guess what? He was. A snarly, arrogant, angry, slab of hard muscles and sinew, who barked out orders like he was still in the military.
I hated men like that, but I could really use the extra money to give my dying dad the life he deserved.
I’d just have to find a way to stay out of the beast’s way as much as possible, Not only because he routinely turned the atmosphere blue with his yelling, but because of the way my skin burned when he accidentally brushed against it.
Wandering lips and racing pulses in office environments usually spelled disaster so I made my no frills, no deviations plan. Get paid and keep hating the beast… until we were sharing a hotel, having drinks at the bar, and he opened a door into his soul.
The plan flew out of the window. Tonight, I was gonna find out if he was a beast in bed too

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