The B!tch List by Nikki Ashton Epub

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File Name:The B!tch List by Nikki Ashton Epub
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Updated and Published:October 17, 2022


A [email protected] List is a list compiled by the woman who hates you and all the reasons WHY she hates you!

Nancy Sometimes in life, you do things that you deeply regret. Mine is Shaw Jackson, the boy I’ve hated since senior year. He drives me crazy to the point that I’ve started a list of things that I hate about him. It’s more a list of derogatory names for him but let’s not split hairs. The problem I have is that while I hate Shaw there are certain parts of his anatomy that I just can’t get enough of. Most times when we fight those parts go near my parts and let’s just say it’s pretty epic. Seeing as we fight A LOT well, you can guess the rest. But as tempting as he is, I just don’t know whether I can trust him and not just with my heart. Then he surprises me and now I’m totally confused. It’s not wrong to want the boy you hate for his p*nis is it?

Shaw There’s always that girl who tempted you in high school, the one who got away. Mine is Nancy Andrews, the girl who I love to hate. She drives me crazy but I just love to push her buttons. The problem is there are parts of her anatomy which I think are magical. They must be because I can’t resist them no matter how hard I try. And I swear I try but I fail A LOT. As beautiful as she is though I’m pretty sure we’d kill each other if we spent any length of time together. Then I receive a huge shock and Nancy steps up to the plate and now I’m totally confused. It’s not wrong to constantly think about the girl who hates you, is it?

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