The Forbidden Alpha by Raven Ashley

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File Name:The Forbidden Alpha by Raven Ashley
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
File Size :445KB
Updated and Published:September 19, 2022


A rejected mate must leave the packhouse. That’s the rule of the Crestmoon Pack.

All my life, I’ve been bullied and considered weak by my entire pack. My only redeeming factor was that my father died a hero. Maybe that’s why my mate, who happened to be the future Alpha, rejected me. He just couldn’t take a weakling to be his Luna. Now considered a lone wolf and stripped of my dignity, I wandered deep into the woods and stumbled upon a far worse fate. The Blood Moon Pack was a legend. A horror story that adults tell little kids to scare them off. They were said to be the strongest, most fearsome werewolves in the land. They were as powerful as they were ruthless. And I just landed right in the middle of their lair. Their Alpha was formidable, alright. But he was also the hottest creature I’ve ever laid eyes on. Living in the Black Moon Village, I learned that my father didn’t die by their hands, as I was told. A traitor within the Crestmoon pack sent my father to his death. Desperate for revenge, I made the Blood Moon Alpha a deal. I will do all his bidding. And he will personally train me to become a better, stronger fighter. There was only one problem, though: my attraction to this dark Alpha was becoming stronger. And when I come face to face with my former mate, I will have to choose between my mate bond and my real feelings for this forbidden Alpha.

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