The Lady Unmasked by Aydra Richards

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Updated and Published:October 15, 2022


Charlotte Mabry loved Simon Browning, the elder brother of her dearest friend, right up until the moment he broke her heart and humiliated her in front of half of London. In the years since, she has rehabilitated her public image and climbed to heights she would never have dreamed she could reach, but experience has taught her better than to love or trust in any man ever again. Instead, she has turned her attention to business. It is a secret that could ruin her if it ever fell into the wrong hands—after all, who would ever expect the darling of the Ton to be the owner of an illicit ladies’ club?
Simon Browning, Baron Clybourne, has recently returned to England, ten years removed from the worst night of his life which sent him fleeing from his home in shame. He is haunted by what might have been had he only owned up to his feelings for Lottie—and now he must contend with the fact that the sweet, shy girl he had once known has been replaced a veritable jewel of the Ton. But even her perfect, glittering façade cannot hide her lifeless eyes and smothered spirit.
Simon is ready, at last, to be the man he ought to have been ten years ago, and he is certain that there must be something of the girl he still loves buried beneath the armor of the consummate lady that she has donned in his absence. But if he cannot uncover the dangerous secrets she holds and protect her from the consequences thereof, she may be ruined. Worse still, if he cannot win her forgiveness and convince her that he loves the Lottie who hides behind the mask she wears, he may lose her forever.

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