The Princess and the Nerd by Olivia Noble

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File Name:The Princess and the Nerd by Olivia Noble
Books Type:Digital Version
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Updated and Published:September 10, 2022


Willow Wintergreen’s new restaurant has been trashed by a nasty review from an influential food critic. A handsome, nerdy, condescending celebrity chef who has the power to crush her dreams with one sarcastic swipe of his pen. When Mr. Bigshot Critic’s visit goes horribly and hilariously wrong, he calls Willow a spoiled rotten Princess, and calls her food much, much worse. Comparisons to mouse droppings have been made. Business starts to die, and Willow knows she must find a way to change the critic’s mind—or become the pitiful embarrassment of her successful family. She invites the critic to her brother’s wedding as a gesture of goodwill. But the London-born, Indian chef is the most uptight, frustrating, grumpy, and impossibly hot man that Willow has ever met. The two drive each other insane every time they meet. Every word exchanged between them seems to be a snarky insult. There’s only one way this can end: in a ferocious food fight, or with someone getting taken on the dining table.

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