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Updated and Published:October 02, 2022


So, eight drunk friends walk into a Las Vegas bar- No. Scratch that.

So, eight drunk friends walk into a Las Vegas psychic palm reader’s humble place of business…can you guess what happened next?

Probably not.

Just Another Day Vivian Morris hadn’t believed Madam Brousseau’s prediction for one second. Nevertheless, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it would have been nice to believe that she was going to meet her soulmate before the dreaded day, but that was not what Madam Brousseau had predicted. Nope. According to Madam Brousseau’s crystal ball, Vivian already knew her soulmate…

Enter Cash Daring.

What’s Another Beer? Sloane Vicious wasn’t a naïve girl walking straight off the farm. Nope. She was smart, ambitious, successful, and very fiscally responsible. While she could use some help in her love life, was she desperate enough to believe the ramblings of a Las Vegas palm reader though? Of course, she wasn’t. However, she was desperate enough to listen to her St. Patrick’s Day green beer, and well…

Enter Reign Claymore

A Basket Full of Something. Kit Vicious was very happy with her life, though it would have been a little more exciting had they actually found a genuine voodoo priestess, but that was neither here nor there. However, her love life could use a bit of sprucing up, but coloring Easter eggs was about as close as she was getting to a pair of…well, a pair of anything these days…

Enter Lucas Bellinger.

Hello, Fireworks. Hattie Jacobs refused to believe Madam Brousseau’s prediction, contrary to the arguable proof in front of her. I mean, what were the odds? Plus, what happened in Vegas was supposed to stay in Vegas. Besides, the town already had enough excitement with Fourth of July happening, she certainly didn’t need anything…uh, extra…

Enter Ethan Turner

Nothing Scares Me Anymore. Channel Ainsley was starting to believe in Madam Brousseau like Catholics believed in The Pope. I mean, how could she not? The evidence was everywhere. Though Halloween was just around the corner, there was something far more pressing that frightened her, and that was the possibility of Madam Brousseau’s prediction being spot on…

Enter Wyatt Valinsky

Thankful for Toilet Paper Rolls Rachel Graham had a perfectly good head on her shoulders. Sure, love was in the air and whatnot, but that was simply coincidence; a simple case of happy coincidence, and it had absolutely nothing to do with a palm reader from Las Vegas. I mean, if she was going to be thankful for anything this year, it’d be for a guy to past that damn toilet paper roll test…

Enter Taylor Mannis

Nice, Naughty, and Holy Crap. Zara Domingo wasn’t fanciful, no matter that she was still researching genuine voodoo priestesses. Still, when she had the kind of boss that made her work on Christmas Day, it was hard to say when she’d find the time to run into her soulmate. In fact, the more that she thought about it, the more she believed that it could be someone at work…

Enter Hudson Royal

A New Everything This Year. Alessa Rule had every reason to detest love and the institute of marriage. I mean, after all, she was the reason that they’d all gone looking for a voodoo priestess in the first place. Still, she was determined to look into life’s possibilities with her eyes wide open. However, she was going to have to save her new beginnings for until after New Year’s Eve since she had to work…

Enter Carter Nightingale

NOTE: This book contains adult language, adult situations, explicit sexual encounters, a bunch of misunderstandings, a psychic palm reader, a lesson in empty toilet paper rolls, and no voodoo practices whatsoever. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not read.

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