Toadstools and Vampire Kisses by S.J. Sanders

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File Name:Toadstools and Vampire Kisses by S.J. Sanders
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
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Updated and Published:October 08, 2022


Every Halloween, the Durmont coven gathers for the Witch’s Ball. It is a time of merriment, but this year is different which begs one question: who invited the vampires?

Fran: Ever since paranormal creatures revealed their presence to witches and the rest of the world, the vampires have been a thorn in my side—or more accurately, the way one cannot avoid tripping over them lurking in every corner and stairwell with the humans who flock to them. It was what spurred me to finally leave the cramped conditions of living in a condo in the city to finally retreat to the comforts of a cabin in the woods hours away where I can tend to my plants and enjoy peace and solitude between making shipments to clients. Even then I cannot ignore my mother’s invitations to coven affairs, not when I am supposed to be next in line to lead. I never expected to see vampires there, or to be irresistibly pulled toward a quiet male who sees me in ways that no one has before.

Reynard: Having spent over a century sentenced to sleep for attending my duties, this new human world is one that I am still becoming accustomed to. That I belong to one of the more reclusive vampire species does not help my ability to adjust. Least of all to the fact that we have discovered that witches have a rare compatibility with vampires as mates. Of course, some things never change and as a vampire who lacks allure and thus has little chance of drawing a mate, I stand apart as much as ever. Because of this, I am not pleased that I was tricked by my cousin into attending the Witch’s Ball so that he and the others in our company can mate-hunt. Yet, it is not so bad. There is a witch who rouses my interest and instincts in unexpected ways. Perhaps I have found the mate I never dared to dream of. But when danger threatens the coven, invading our celebration, we will have to face far more than just navigating a new interspecies relationship we never expected.

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