Wasteland by Shelby Manuel Epub

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File Name:Wasteland by Shelby Manuel Epub
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Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
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Updated and Published:October 01, 2022


Riley. Everyone in my Faction either knows me as the woman who runs things online or just the younger sister of the two psychopaths that run this place. There’s only one man who truly knows who I am. Mick, my brother’s right-hand man and their best friend. He knows the reach that I have in this city. He knows that the person most people are truly scared of is the anonymous chick behind her computer, and he’s the dark, terrifying, tatted monster of my dreams. I can’t get too close though. My brothers would kill him and because of his horrific past, he can’t trust himself with me. That doesn’t mean I can’t let my obsessive imagination run wild.
Mick. She tortures me, and I’ve been tortured before. For months on end. She’s the angel that pulled me out of it and she doesn’t even know. Still, she tortures me with her devious glare and her sinister smile. I can read what she craves on her face as easily as one of our nautical charts. It takes all of my brute strength to stay away and convince everyone I feel nothing. Until someone attacks her. Civil war brews in our city and she’s at the front lines with her brothers. I won’t let anyone hurt her. I have to stay close. I have to protect her. Even from me.
Wasteland picks up right when Fog has ended. Everyone is staying together and preparing for war. Not knowing where the next attack will come from, everyone has to stay on edge. Ally tries desperately to connect with her sister while the McHales keep Fog safe. Riley and Mick struggle to be close to each other and not give in. Give in to the otherworldly pull they seem to have. If Mick gives in, will he survive? Not only from her brothers, but from Riley herself. Because once she gets a taste of her Skeleton man, she won’t let go. Crazy seems to run in the McHale’s genes.

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