Wicked Legacy by Kristin Buoni Epub

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Updated and Published:September 14, 2022


They’re young, rich, wild… and dangerous. Being the new girl is never easy anywhere, but nothing could’ve prepared me for Crown Point Academy. It’s the best prep school in the country, but it’s also a minefield of lies and trickery, full of snakes and sycophants who serve the rich kids who’ve deemed themselves campus royalty. Jax Kingsley and Cerina Vincent reign as king and queen of the academy, and no one dares to cross them. Except me. I made the mistake of standing up to both of them, and now I have a massive target painted on my back. They’ll do anything to break me. Humiliate me. Ruin me. Especially Jax, the ruthless devil I’m forced to cohabit with now that our parents are dating. He’s as cruel as he is handsome, and he’s made it clear he won’t stop tormenting me until I’m on my knees begging for mercy. That’s never going to happen, though. He might have the whole school at his feet, but he’ll never have me. Ever. I should know better than to go along with his toxic, twisted games, but I can’t resist. I’ve got more guts than anyone realizes, and I’m not afraid to play dirty. It’s an all-out war on campus this semester, and by the time the dust has settled, someone will be dead. If I’m not careful… it could be me.

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