Winter Wolves Boxed Set by Scarlett Grove

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File Name:Winter Wolves Boxed Set by Scarlett Grove
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Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
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Updated and Published:September 06, 2022


The complete Winter Wolves series in one box set.

Cursed Wolf Seventy-five years ago, alpha wolf Rex Winter and his brothers were cursed by a powerful witch. Ever since, they have lived as wolves, only able to shift during the night of the full moon. The only way to break the curse is to claim their fated mates. When Luna Linwood finds out her long-lost grandmother has left her a bookstore in Alaska, she takes a chance, and travels to Fate Island.

Dark Wolf Coming to Fate Island was supposed to be a new start. But wolf shifter Damian Winter doesn’t believe he has the right to begin again. He may look like a young man, but he is over a hundred years old. Supermodel Venus Jacobson needed a break from the glitz and glamor of her profession, so she booked a fashion shoot in Alaska against her mother’s wishes. Venus has been all over the world, but the little town instantly charms her. When Damian meets Venus, he knows his life has been forever changed. His darkness shrinks in the brightness of her light. But there is still trouble in paradise.

Fierce Wolf Wolf shifter Thorne Winter is relieved to move on with his life after the sale of his family’s cursed land. He’s ready to start over, learn about the new world he lives in, and hopefully find love. Single mom Heather Thomas has worked hard to create peace and success in life. With her dream job as a marine biology professor, her loving grandma Pearl, and her four-year-old Maggie, Heather’s life is almost complete. There’s only one thing missing: a man to share it with. Heather’s greatest responsibility is her daughter. A man like Thorne, with his hot temper and strange supernatural stories, brings up red flags for the single mom. Can she find a way to tame him, or will the beast destroy their chance at happily ever after?

Witty Wolf Wolf shifter Tate Winter can’t wait to experience all that life has to offer on Fate Island. After finding his passion, a mentor to help him with his comedy act, and a pathway forward, he has almost everything he could want. The only thing missing is his fated mate. Landscape painter Dalia Stevens is trying to focus on her art while healing from a toxic relationship. She loves her home, her gallery, and her work, but her broken heart makes it hard to move on. Tate wants nothing but love for the wounded artist and hopes that together they can overcome their pasts.

Geek Wolf Wolf shifter Felix Winter has always been the brainy brother. Upon discovering the wonderful world of computers, he dove in with both feet. With the funds from the sale of his family’s land he’s purchased a new home, started an app development company, and established a brand new life in his new world. Romance novelist Jasmine Flume needs to get away from the stress back at home. She has an online stalker that won’t leave her alone. So, she’s taken a spa vacation in beautiful Selkie, Alaska in the hopes that it will help her get some writing done. Jasmine’s past won’t be left behind, and her stalker will follow her to the ends of the earth.

Lost Wolf Blake Winter is done trying to fit into a world he doesn’t want to be a part of. All his brothers might have found their mates, but Blake has other priorities. He will return to his family’s land and confront the Snow Queen once and for all. If his alpha is too much of a coward to take her down, Blake has no choice but to do it alone. Dragon shifter princess Wyn Zahar slept for centuries under the mountain she’d once called home. Now that she is awake, Wyn has one goal in life: kill the Snow Queen. Despite her bloodlust, she signs up for the shifter dating app. Fate brings Blake and Wyn together, but will the vigilante lovers find their happily ever after, or will their need for revenge destroy them both?

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