Wolf Unleashed by Savannah Rose

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File Name:Wolf Unleashed by Savannah Rose
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
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Updated and Published:October 20, 2022


Sworn enemies. Fated mates. A combination that’s revered and abhorred in equal measure.

Jade is keeping a secret. She’s not who she says she is. Not what she says she is. Not a part of a world that would ever accept her. Rejected from her pack before she was even born, Westside is all she knows and all she cares to know.
Levi can smell Jade’s deceit from a mile away. That pungent brand of wolf that shouldn’t be as appealing as it is. The stench she can’t cover up no matter how much she tries. He doesn’t care. If we’re counting secrets, there’s no beginning or end to Levi’s lies.
What is, and remains true, however, is that Levi gave his heart to Jade. Swore, as her mate, to protect her, always. Betrayed his family, their trust, their safety, to keep her.
For a while, life seemed like it could go on as normal. When you’re alive for as long as Levi has been, you learn that not all things hidden must come to light. Until they do. And the the entire world spins on his head.
There’s another wolf in this equation. For years, Jade’s mother has been looking for a way back to her pack. Ten vampire heads, taken by her very own hands, might just be the thing to prove her worthy. And her daughter has made the feat quite an easy one, brining the enemy right to her front door.
Love or family? That’s a decision Jade will soon have to make. The former means revealing her secret. The latter involves the madness of two wolves starting a war with an entire vampire clan.
Either way, both options may very well land Jade in an early grave…

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